You have the great product or service –
we can make it famous

Growth Hacking for start ups

We can take your business to the next level through rapid and sustainable growth. With our holistic approach to growth, we work with start ups all over the world – fast, experimental and performance based.


What is growth hacking?

We apply product, UX and user research methods as well as targeted marketing, community and social media tactics to answer some or all of the following questions:

  • Who are your users / clients – what different segments are there (or who would we like them to be – sharpen vision, mission, execution)
  • What do they need / like / dislike about your product and what needs to happen to maximise the number of future users / clients (what’s missing, what should be changed, what can be optimised)
  • Where can we reach them in a way that makes them aware of your product?
  • What message do they need to hear in order to convert into users / clients
  • When and how should they get the right message and what is going to close the aquisition - referral cycle (make your product grow itself)
  • Advertising Campaign

These questions are answered using heaps of experiments, A/B tests, UX, market research and competitor analysis and all other kinds of research methods (whatever is needed). Hypotheses are tested and, once confirmed, brought to life in the product, branding or marketing. Depending on the very close-to-reality findings, different methods will lead to sustainable growth. This could be community building, referral programs, or specific product hacks. Sometimes social media is golden – in some cases a waste of time. Could be anything, really, and it requires thinking out of the box and readiness to fail, get up again, try the next thing. In our opinion, it only works if it is a fast and iterative process (we start out with many experiments and we don’t stop until we find the right approach!).

What does ‘performance based’ mean?

Life is short and we have limited time and resources.
We’re growth hackers because it’s exciting and we love what we do. Therefore, we don’t want to waste our (and your) time by taking on projects that we don’t believe in. Past success and experience has proven us right more often than not and therefore we’re confident that we can reach our goals, if we decide to take on a project. We’re not your typical consultants – our delivery won’t be a power point presentation.

We define KPIs with our clients in advance and from there it’s simple: we’re only paid if we succeed (cost coverage aside). We’re happy to have the privilege to be paid with either money (if we reach your goals) or experience (in the worst case, we’ve learned something new). 😃