100% Performance Based

We don’t charge for services – unless you want a concept (to execute yourself), a delivery in report form or a presentation.

We charge for outcomes.

Since your business is unique – our growth hacking approach will be, too.

The KPIs we usually charge for are listed here.

Whatever it is you want to measure us against – let’s discuss and let us surprise you!

What does ‘performance based’ mean?

Life is short and we have limited time and resources.
We’re growth hackers because it’s exciting and we love what we do. Therefore, we don’t want to waste our (and your) time by taking on projects that we don’t believe in. Past success and experience has proven us right more often than not and therefore we’re confident that we can reach our goals, if we decide to take on a project. We’re not your typical consultants – our delivery won’t be a power point presentation.

We define KPIs with our clients in advance and from there it’s simple: we’re only paid if we succeed (cost coverage aside). We’re happy to have the privilege to be paid with either money (if we reach your goals) or experience (in the worst case, we’ve learned something new). 😃