It was a true pleasure to work with the Hakuna Team. In a mission critical moment for our company, Hakuna was able to direct hundreds of qualified talents to our platform. This made it possible to successfully resolve a complex client request in a very short time. We are in the process of expanding the working relationship with Hakuna as we are confident that they are a key element to our App Development Team and a guarantee for repetitive surprising positive results!
Christoph Zollinger
Awesome team! I do strongly recommend Hakuna MaData, when it comes to things like growth hacking, social media, SEO and further. Their services really helped our start-up, to boost our sales, reach out to our target audience and to raise our level of awareness within the Austrian market but also international.

Besides that, the Hakuna-MaData-Team lays a strong focus in advising and communicating complex strategies, through clear and simple step-by-step workflows. This is how I also gained a lot of knowledge and insights on the topic on a personal level during our cooperation.

Simply the best digital media consultancy there is!

Golem Digital
Elias Remele
The team of Hakuna MaData reinforces us with their skills in data analysis and growth marketing. The experimental and agile approach as well as taking on data analytical tasks leads quickly to scalable growth of our customer base. We value the cordial and constructive cooperation with Hakuna MaData very much.
Michel Kaufmann
Hakuna MaData supports FehrAdvice & Partners since 2018 in the field of data science, but they are much more than mere data scientists. Businesses have an ever-growing mountain of data. As behavioral economists, we know that these data are hardly of value and cannot solve real problems without relation to persons. That is where Hakuna MaData came into play: As quantitative “data nerds”, but also with qualitative intuition for the exciting contents and through an uncomplicated and appreciative cooperation, they help us to improve a little each day. Most of all, they support us as data scientists in our mission: To always focus on human beings in data-driven processes.
Fehr Advice
Robin Schimmelpfennig