Growth Hacking

Our services include, but are not limited to the following

Growth levers within the product / conversion optimisation
  • Market & Competitor Research
  • Product Research (Vision, UX, User Research) / Feature research
  • User research (personality profiling and ‘psycho targeting’)
  • Root Cause Analyses
Growth levers in marketing / channel optimisation
  • Community building / Lead generation
  • Social media and other digital marketing measures
  • SEO / ASO / CTR optimisation (the growth hack version 😉)
  • Segmentation / Targeted Marketing
  • Identifying the right message / content / vision per segment
  • Traditional marketing / PR

However, growth hacking is experimental.
Maybe none of this is relevant to your product.
Maybe all of it is.

We’ll find out but we don’t want to limit ourselves.

Education / Workshops / Conferences
  • We’re happy to share our knowledge with your team.
Data Science
  • Statistics & Analytics
  • Mathematical Modelling